The BabyBuzz Wristband will let Dad know when the Baby kicks.

Woman wearing the Babybuzz wristband sitting next to her husband

The BabyBuzz wristband has a very simple concept. An expectant mother wears it on her wrist and whenever her baby kicks she hits a button. This button sends a signal to another wristband worn by Dad, telling him the baby is kicking. As a result, Dad is able to experience the unexpected kicks in unexpected places, much like a mother would.

The BabyBuzz seems like a pretty cool idea to me. Sending a text or placing a phone call is nice, but a random out of nowhere rumble with its special meaning might feel more satisfying. And more true to the experience a mother might have.

My one gripe? It’s a little boxy. And when I say a little, I mean it is a box:

Woman wearing the Babybuzz wristband on her wrist

Some men may not feel comfortable wearing the bracelet everywhere they go. The coffee cup in the truck might experience more kicks than Dad does as a result. If the design was smaller and looked more like a watch I believe it would be a lot more popular.

All in all, an interesting concept, but I think it will take some dressing up before you start seeing them around town. But if they were to change nothing and slapped an Apple logo on it? I’ll take 5, please…