Game Of Thrones Series Finale Reaction [Spoilers For Days]

I’d like to clarify straight off the bat for those who just aren’t that in to blog titles: This post will contain spoilers from last nights episode of Game Of Thrones. If you haven’t seen it and don’t want your day/week/month/life ruined, than I suggest you quietly move along.

baby elephant moves a guy along

I’ve said many times and to many people that there is no possible way Jon Snow dies. He’s too integral to the storyline. And I’m right, I’ve got to be right, despite what we saw at the end of last nights episode. Jon Snow going out like Julius Caesar at the hands of his own mutinous men will be just a momentary curtain, the end of a second act that grants us time to use the bathroom and buy some more Junior Mints before the final act starts fresh.

two peas in a dead guy pod

There are two main schools of thought on how he might be brought back to life. And when I say two I mean two million. But the most reasonable theories, in my opinion, are these two:

  • Lady Melisandre will resurrect Jon Snow via the Lord of Light. This has precedence in the show. Think back to the Brotherhood Without Banners. If a drunken priest who’s lost his way can bring back Lord Beric 9 times, I’m pretty sure the Red Woman can do it without issue.
  • Jon Snow’s body will be burned and he will emerge from the flames, similar to the re-birth of Dany many moons ago. We know the Crow’s have a tendency to burn their dead. We wouldn’t want them turning in to White Walkers, now would we? It would seem his body and that red blood trickling through the snow have a date with flame in the very near future. If this happens, and Jon is indeed brought back to life, it will confirm a long-held theory that Jon Snow is a descendant of the Targaryen’s. That’s right. He’s not Ned Starks bastard son, but is instead the son of Ned Stark’s sister and Dany Targaryen’s brother, Rhaegar.

If I had to choose a theory, I’d pick the second one. It makes a lot of sense and it doesn’t involve Lady Melisandre saving Jon. Do we really want to be indebted to that horrible woman? For sure not. Not to mention seeing Jon emerge triumphantly from the flames would be awesome. And as an added theatrical bonus, it would provide a nice bit of symmetry with Dany’s story arch. There is nothing better to unite a Dothraki Horde or the Wildlings and Crow’s like a little flame resurrection.

Sure, some other things happened in this series finale. Tyrion claimed a new seat of power. Cersei had her comeuppance. Arya had her very bittersweet revenge. Jamie gained and lost a daughter in a few fleeting seconds. And Dany found herself in a dangerous yet familiar situation with the Dothraki.

But at the end of the day all we really care about, what we can’t wait 9 long months to know, is the true fate of Jon Snow. Does he stay or does he truly go?

See you next April, GOT.