Pay For Your Nachos With The Gemalto Wristband

If you’re a fan of the Saracens rugby team over in good ol’ England, you’re in luck. You’re one of the first people in the world to use Gemalto’s wearable wristband payment system!

girl holding single sparkler in the dark

Season ticket holders can now visit the teams official website, plug in the 8 digit code on their Gemalto wristband and load it with up to $30. Now you can speed through ticket lines and pay vendors inside the stadium for your nachos without ever reaching for your wallet.

Saracens contactless payment gemalto wristband

And the system is set up work work outside the stadium, too. You can use the wristband to pay for the bus or subway. You can also use it at any merchandiser that has a contactless payment till.

Contactless payment might just very well be the future. Whoever manufacturers credit cards ought to be shaking in their boots.

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