Google Wristband May Help Fight Cancer

light bulb symbolizing idea

I was in the shower this morning and a wristband thought struck me: Why not create a wristband that can detect the behavior of nanoparticles in the wearer’s bloodstream, thus allowing the diagnosis of deadly cancers, heart attacks and strokes well before the symptoms ever present themselves?

Sean, you’re a genius! This could save countless lives. However did you think of such a concept?

I don’t know, to be honest. Sometimes the scope and depth of my intelligence surprises even me.

Oh wait. I remember now. I read all about this on I guess it was actually Google’s idea and I had little (some would say nothing) to do with it.

Google scientists who invented a diagnostic wristband

I think we can all agree that the particulars of where to assign credit don’t really matter. It’s the idea that matters, folks! And this Google wristband might some day save your life.

All you’d have to do is swallow a pill filled with these smart nanoparticles and they get to work. They enter your bloodstream and gravitate towards abnormalities in your blood. The Google wristband you wear will monitor the nanoparticles. It will have the ability to recognize dangerous patterns that might indicate disease.

Google created a nice little image to quickly explain the concept:

Google wristband can detect abnormalities in your blood

If you’re an interested soul, a science nerd or a lover of pretty awesome inventions, then I suggest you head on over to the BBC for the full scoop on this awesome Google wristband concept!