Have Vertical Text On Your Next Wristband Order

vertical text wristband that says words, attitude and action

You might think there’s only one option for your wristband message: The standard left-to-right print that’s so common on this product. But what if we told you there was an entire other dimension? And that dimension allowed you to write your text not left-to-right, but instead (gasp!) top-to-bottom?

pandamonium gif with dancing panda

That’s right folks. Your wristband design has been set free from convention. The lines flow in all directions, your message officially having broken from its left-to-right prison:

vertical text wristband in black with white ATL message

And we’re not holding you to just three letters like the wristband above. We can work entire sentences into this format by stacking the text lines. If you want, you can have your special message written vertically around the entire wristband!

If you’d like to explore the outer depths of wristband imagination through vertical text, contact us today!