We Sell Custom Rubber Bracelets, Too (Duh.)

There seems to be a real divide on who calls our product a wristband and who calls it a bracelet. There are roughly 17000 Google searches a month for the exact keywords* “rubber bracelets” and “rubber wristbands.” About 12000 of those searches use bracelets, while 5000 use wristbands.

Why the different terms, my internet friends? This is a classic case of hoagie vs grinder vs hero when we all know it’s called a sub!

Medium-length story short, if you’re searching for custom rubber bracelets and you’ve found us, don’t run for the hills! Our rubber wristbands are exactly the product you’re looking for. And if you don’t believe me, believe this iron-clad proof via a picture I just made in Photoshop:

custom rubber bracelets and rubber wristbands picture showing they are the same product

Exact keyword estimates only account for people who search exactly “rubber bracelets” or “rubber wristbands.” As such, a person searching “custom rubber bracelets” or “rubber wristbands in pink and yellow” wouldn’t appear in that 17000 search total. Most everyone on the internet searches in specifics, so the real total number of searches relating to these two keywords is much higher than that 17000 per month number. It’s probably closer to 200,000 (and that’s before mentioning the silicone vs rubber debate…). Whatever the case, we think it’s safe to extrapolate the info to say that most people are calling our beloved wristbands “bracelets.” The nerve!