Wristbands And Taylor Swift Save Lives. Literally.

Taylor Swift gesturing on stage

Elizabeth and Caroline Dazzio owe their lives to wristbands. How is that possible, you ask?

Liz and her sister were caught in a North Korean prison and they only had a rubber wristband, a piece of dried chewing gum and a paper clip. They used the three items together to successfully pick the lock on their cell door…

Wait a minute, sorry. That was actually an episode of McGyver.

MacGyver holding a missile on his shoulder

But the real life story is almost as harrowing. Liz and Caroline were on their way home from a concert when they lost control of their vehicle and crashed off the side of the road. It was a single car crash in the dead of night. This made it hard for passing cars to see them.

So where do wristbands and Taylor Swift fit into this? Well, at some point in Taylor’s tour planning she decided to pull the trigger on wristbands that produce LED light. These lights are programmed to dance to the beat of the music. The girls were able to use these light-up wristbands as beacons. They served as two helpful, hip-tastic flares.

Passerbys noticed the dancing lights, found the vehicle and emergency responders were able to pull the sisters from the wreckage. By the looks of things, they were very lucky:

Elizabeth and Caroline Dazzio's crashed car

And to think, things could have been very different if not for Taylor Swift and these:

Shake it off, shake it off, off off…