Amped Fitness Helps You Make Progress Every Day

Never Quit Amped Fitness wristband

Wristband Bros recently had the privilege of printing some terrific “Never Quit” wristbands for Amped Fitness. Amped is a large group training facility that goes the extra mile for each and every client, every single day. Their goal is to instruct their members on all things fitness so they can live a long, happy, and healthy life. They want to change your outlook towards working out in general, empowering you to carry and maintain your health gains long after you leave Amped.

Their tagline illuminates their mission much more succinctly: “Always Make Progress Every Day.”

class training at Amped Fitness in CT

Their focus isn’t just on reps and sweat. They’ve got a great nutritional program, as well. Yes, you’ll learn proper stance and form. But you’ll also learn exactly what to eat and drink so all those hours spent working out don’t go to waste.

class training at Amped Fitness in Granby CT

Located in East Granby, CT, you can find info on Amped Fitness classes here. And if you’re looking for some one-on-one work, you can check in with one of their personal trainers.

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