Liberty Wristbands: The Hands-Free Dog Walking Revolution

close up of liberty wristband

Navy Veteran Bill Feldman of Denver, Colorado has an interesting wristband concept that could change your dog-walking life. His Liberty Wristbands allow you to shackle your dog’s leash to your wrist, freeing up your hand to hold a phone, drink or just hang free and unencumbered. If you’ve got a big dog or if you have a disability that makes walking a dog hard, this device relieves some stress from your daily stroll. No more exhausting tug of war that leaves your hand sore. Grip strength, or lack thereof, becomes a problem of the past.

Man walking his dog with the Liberty wristband

Bill has invested everything on the Liberty Wristband. He’s currently homeless as a result. That’s what we call committment, folks. Bill believes in his wristband idea. Not just because he thinks it’s great. But because he’s sold hundreds already and the feedback he’s received has been nothing but positive.

Man rubbing his dogs head

Bill and Henry (the amazingly cute pup in the above photo) need your help. Liberty Wristbands needs an infusion of cash to help get things kickstarted. To that end, Bill has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. As of this writing, he’s raised $3500 towards a campaign goal of $20,000. We urge you to head on over to his Gogo site and donate what you can. We not only believe in the product, but we believe in Bill and Henry, too.