Fashion Forward Bracelet Solves Woman’s Hair Tie Problem

Wearing an elastic hair tie around your wrist may be commonplace (and a necessity) with many women but it is certainly a fashion faux pas. BitterSweet Jewelry Company has come to the rescue with a stylish bracelet solution for this fashion dilemma.

BitterSweet Bracelet

“The BitterSweet bracelet was designed to integrate your always needed hair tie elastic with stylish jewelry. The perfect solution to dressing up the ugly hair tie on your wrist!”

-Shireen Thor, Founder of BitterSweet

BitterSweet Bracelet Lookbook

The innovative bracelet design was created by founder Shireen’s husband, Arni, who originally gave the bracelet to Shireen as a gift. As an engineer he sought out to solve the problem of always wearing an elastic band around her wrist.

“The idea was so simple, but so unique that he currently has a US patent pending for the design!”

BitterSweet Bracelet Lookbook

The BitterSweet bracelet solves multiple problems that come with wearing an elastic hair tie around your wrist. First, the fashionable metal bracelet disguises the tacky, eye sore of the elastic band. The bracelets engraved channel holds the tie securely in place. And secondly, the bracelet provides relief from the tight pressure of wearing an elastic band that causes the all too familiar red indent around your wrist.

BitterSweet Bracelet Lookbook

BitterSweet’s bracelets range from $45 to $85 and can be purchased here.

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