Wristbands Used to Relay Baseball Signals

Baseball players in high school and college are now using wristbands to get signals from their coaches during games. Players wear wristbands with a coded grid of plays. To relay a play call all the coach needs to do is yell out (or hand signal) a three digit code to the player. Using the number code the player simply looks up the play on the wristband.

Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles taking a swing

By wearing the wristband each player has the teams complete playbook on their wrist. Players no longer need to memorize a plethora of complicated hand signals for each play. Missing or misinterupting a play call will no longer be an issue. Not only do the wristbands provide a quick way to relay play calls, they also prevent the other team from picking off your signs.

Baseball Wristbnands

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If your baseball team is looking to get a competive advantage, baseball wristbands are definitely a smart move.

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