Introducing: Verified Human™ Wristbands

Welcome to the future! A world where differentiating AI and robots from actual humans is becoming increasingly difficult. Not to worry, we have a solution. Introducing: Verified Human™ Wristbands.

Verified Humans™

These days, it’s borderline impossible to tell who’s a bot and who’s not. As robots and AI evolve to be more and more lifelike, we need to be able to tell who is still human among us. That’s where our latest wristband technology comes into play…

Human Verification Process

We’ve spent hours developing a state-of-the-art verification process to ensure that all purchasers of these wristbands are Verified Humans™.

Once the process is complete, each wristband will be printed with a unique QR code that ties it to the individual human that purchased it.

Get Verified Today

Don’t delay! Robots are progressing exponentially. Verify your humanity now before your robot doppelgänger attempts it first.

If you couldn’t tell, this is a joke. For now… Happy April Fools!