Sprinkle Purpose Spreads Positivity With Wristbands

💡 What You’ll Learn: How wristbands can be used to inspire others.

Read Time: 2 minutes.

Introducing Sprinkle Purpose.

When we found out the meaning behind Sprinkle Purpose, we loved it. The goal is simple: Use a custom wristband to offer a reminder that the wearer has purpose. The customer believes, and we agree, that no one is without a calling. The wristband offers encouragement written on the wearer’s wrist to seek that purpose out. In a world that can feel pretty hopeless at times, the simple message resonates.

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Here are the design details for this little gem. The colors chosen were Purple 2597 for the wristband and Yellow 012 for the ink. The message couldn’t be simpler: Sprinkle Purpose. The font used was Ultra.

You can find Sprinkle Purpose on Instagram. Check them out!

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