Daily Table Hopes To Shake Up The Grocery Business

We here at the blog like to focus on non-profits, since they are such an important customer base for us. When I saw this non-profit grocery store opening, I was intrigued. Daily Table opened its first store June 4, 2015. Founded by Doug Rauch, former president of Trader Joe’s, the store is located in Dorchester, MA.

three happy customers holding vegetables at Daily Table

The concept is pretty simple. Doug had noticed quite a bit of good food ending up in dumpsters because they were getting close to their sell-by date or were being pushed aside for newer products. Instead of seeing this food go to waste, why not sell it at an ultra-low price? It’s an idea that makes sense for food wholesalers, since they’re just throwing the food away. Why not squeeze a few more dollars of profit into your bottom line? And it’s an idea that makes sense for low-incoming or ultra-thrifty consumers looking to eat healthier foods at cheaper price points.

Daily Table will be a non-profit to watch. I hope it succeeds!