The Fonts Aren’t Just The Fonts!

wristband made with many different fonts

If you’re designing a wristband on our online designer, you may end up settling on a font THAT’S THERE over the font YOU WANT. Well, that’s just crazy! Why not utilize the design notes section to tell us exactly what font you’re looking for? We’ve got access to literally tens of thousands. More likely than not, we can source the font you want. And that means you get the wristband you want. Every time!

In case you’re wondering what the “design notes” section of our designer is, it looks like this:

design notes section of wristband bros designer where you can request other fonts

See the white box that says Add your order notes here? All you’ve got to do is tell us the font you want right there and we’ll track it down for you! And if for some reason we can’t find it, we’ll let you know!

Wow is that awesome and easy, right?

Spock looking awesome and happy