Change The Color Of Individual Words Or Even Letters

twenty pilots wristband with alternating color words

Wristband Bros allows for some pretty intense customization. And not just for art… Though we do love putting images of chickens dancing with neon pink scissors on our wristbands. Not that anyone has asked for that yet.

No, seriously. When will someone ask for my dream chicken-with-scissors scenario!?! This is the closest we’ve gotten:

duncan wristband with alternating color words and dancing chicken

Close but no scissors, as they say.

While I wait for this perfect wristband request, I’ll talk to you about something we do all the time: alternating message color. If you look at the Twenty One Pilots wristband above, you can see what I mean. A blue Twenty, a white One, and a red Pilots. Color, color everywhere!

If you’d like us to do this for your wristband, just leave us a message in your design notes! Heck, you can even alternate the color of individual letters if you wanted to!

Alternating colors of words or letters may result in an increased cost of order. Wristband Bros will advise you of pricing before purchase.