World’s Most Expensive Bracelet Has One Flaw… It’s Ugly.

We here at Wristband Bros sell inexpensive bracelets made from rubber. While they’re incredibly awesome, useful and an important fundraising tool… They aren’t worth $12.5 million. But apparently this monstrosity is:

Diamond Panther bracelet featuring many diamonds is world's most expensive

That’s right. The world’s ugliest bracelet is also its most expensive. This garish monstrosity was originally part of a collection owned by Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII of England. The onyx and diamond panther bracelet was sold by Sotheby’s in 2010 for an incredible 12.5 million bucks. That makes it the most expensive bracelet ever sold at auction.

In case you were wondering, the anonymous buyer could have (and should have) purchased 139 million 1/2″ silicone bracelets from us for the same price. What a dummy!

PS I apologize to the expensive bracelet. I was a bit mean and I feel bad now. You’re not that ugly.