Wristband Bros Goes All Nature & Stuff…

I recently took a break from work life and became Vacation Man. It was a week spent with my better half driving from Salt Lake City to San Francisco. A whole heck of a lot happened along the way. Here are some quick takeaways along with photo documentation.

woman sitting in front of Mormon Temple

Salt Lake City residents grade too easily on Yelp. We went to two different restaurants, both rated 4.5 stars. And both were 3’s. I know… I can’t explain it, other than to assume Salt Lake residents are really easy graders. Above is my better half looking awfully ominous whilst silhouetted in front of Salt Lake Temple.

view from antelope island looking back on mainland

Antelope Island is a tranquil place. It’s mountains were brown-yellow and rugged. The Salt Lake around it was as smooth as glass. And the view from half way up the hill was pretty darn amazing.

El Capitan in Yosemite National Park

Yosemite is glorious. I did my darndest to recreate the Apple wallpaper. That is to say, I stood below El Capitan and took a photo. After that, we walked off together on a quiet woodland trail that ran along a creek bed. I was expecting to be eaten by a mountain lion, but since I am here typing this, my fears did not come to pass.

Bull Buck redwood tree in Nelder Grove

Redwood trees are tall. This is a photo of my new best friend, Bull Buck. He’s more than 2000 years old and 250 feet tall. He’s thought to be the 43rd largest tree in the world. Bucky resides in a tranquil Sequoia patch known as Nelder Grove. It’s about 45 minutes from Yosemite, but well worth the trip.

Lunar Crater in Nevada

We went to the moon. Well, not truly, of course. More like we visited a place where space came to us. It was a road trip, so like all good road trips, we were pulled off the trail by interesting road signs. The Lunar Crater in Nevada was 10 minutes off the highway and one heck of a site… Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the crater and only the regular ol’ non-impacted Earth around it. See photos other people have taken here.*

albino alligator named Claude

Albino alligators exist. We met this chap in San Francisco at the Academy of Science. They have this amazing adults night every Thursday. Entry fee is only 12 dollars and once you’re in, you’re at a science museum that sells amazing cocktails. I had a Moscow Mule in one hand while my eyes were searching a giant fish tank for sharks. There was a planetarium show and an earthquake simulation. Basically, the Academy of Science is the truth.

sponge bob all done gesture

And there you have it. My week off is now on the blog. I hope it gave you a happy little diversion on this early Monday. Now, if I might suggest another diversion… Ordering some amazing wristbands, perhaps?

*I went to see photos other people have taken, and in the process discovered Lunar Crater was not caused by a meteor. It was apparently the product of several large volcanic eruptions. I’m bummed.