Dawson Place Partners With Amazon Local Love

I caught a news story about a great non-profit called Dawson Place in Everett, WA that I needed to share. Something pretty historic will be forever tied to this worthy organization: They were the first non-profit to benefit from Amazon’s Local Love program.

So what is Local Love, exactly?

It’s a new Amazon initiative that organizes volunteers to assist local non-profits. General contractors, electricians, painters, plumbers… Amazon helps bring all these people together in a powerful way. They make it possible for a local non-profit to complete large-scale projects that would have otherwise taken a giant bite out of their budgets.

And by the description of Dawson Place, Amazon would have been hard pressed to find a more worthy cause. Here’s their mission statement:

Dawson Place Child Advocacy Center is a group of professionals responding to concerns of child abuse. We are dedicated to helping kids, seeking justice, and promoting healthy families.

One particular anecdote that got to me was the sticky hands on the ceilings.

sticky hands hanging from Dawson Place ceiling

The kids are given two sticky hands. One hand is to keep, and the other is to toss to the cieling. As Board President Mark Roe said, it’s a subtle reminder to these vulnerable children that they aren’t alone. Pretty powerful stuff.

Watch the video above to see all the great things Dawson Place does. And then head on over to their page and donate!