The Children’s Home Gets A 50k Christmas Gift

nativity scene at The Children's Home

See video here.

It sounds like a movie. You’re the receptionist at a non-profit serving children in need. (In my film, perhaps the evil gas company rep has just come to turn off the heat and he laughs on his way out the door…) Suddenly, the phone rings. There’s a person on the other line asking you to check under the statue of Baby Jesus.

At this point, the movie could go in several directions. If it’s filmed by Rob Zombie, it’s probably best to skip checking the nativity scene and instead run directly to the nearest police officer.

But if it’s not a movie, and you are instead the receptionist at The Children’s Home, you walk out to the statue and peek underneath. And there you find a check for $50,000.

Pretty awesome, right? When I heard the story on the news, I knew I needed to mention this little bit of Christmas cheer. I headed directly to The Children’s Home website and discovered that the 50k was well-deserved. The non-profit has been housing kids in need since 1924. And they don’t just house and feed these kids. They inject positivity into their lives from the very beginning of their stay until the day they leave.

This is their mission, in their own words:

Immediately upon their arrival, we pour into each child: home, security and acceptance. As truths overcome lies, our kids begin to realize their own worth and in turn, the value of others. Out of the overflow of their hearts, over time they’re able to be a blessing to those around them.

Our children are our most important asset and it’s up to the community to step in when the parents, for whatever reason, can not. The Children’s Home gets that, and they’re doing something about it. It’s easy to see why this donor chose this cause. That 50k is an investment in the communities future in the form of these at-risk children.

If you’d like to learn more, head here.