Wristbands Predict the Big Game – 2022 Edition

There’s a “Big Game” this Sunday. You might’ve heard of it. It rhymes with booper soul and it has us thinking… Can wristbands predict the winner?

You may remember that we tried this last year. Our first experiment proved to be a failure. The wristbands predicted that the Kansas City Chiefs would be the champions. They were not. But we believe that may have been due to one major flaw in our algorithms. We did not take into account that the Chiefs were up against the greatest QB of all time, Mr. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.

This year we have spent dozens of minutes refining our process and the wristbands have made their prediction. Based on the order volume of team themed wristbands, we believe that:

The Bengals will win!

With an order ratio of almost 3:1, the Bengals fans have proven to be a passionate bunch. Will Joe Brrr-ow lead them to victory, or will Matt Stafford further destroy the spirits of Detroit Lions fans?

Tune in Sunday to find out, and in the meantime…

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