Donald Trump Won Massachusetts… Sort Of.

I’ve read a lot of articles online saying how surprising it was that Trump won Massachusetts. I decided to do a short amount of digging. It became immediately apparent that the victory, while perhaps crucial in this primary period, isn’t really a voter victory at all:

infographic detailing the primary voting in Massachusetts for the 2016 presidential election

When you add all of the Republican votes up in Massachusetts, they run in a dead heat with just one of the Democratic candidates (Sanders). Hillary Clinton would have beaten a Super Republican Robot mash-up called Truzichio (Trump, Cruz, Kas… eh nevermind).

Wristband Bros doesn’t take a position on politics. Our team is all over the map when it comes to that. But I thought the misleading nature of the “Trump’s surprise win in Massachusetts” headline ought to be addressed. And the “move to Canada” portion of the infographic made me giggle.

So there you have it… Consider it addressed!

And oh ye