Bernie Sanders Is A Social Assassin Err Democrat Wristbands

bernie-sanders-wristband social assassin democrat

Check out this Social Assassin Democrat Bernie Sanders wristband we created using our top secret (and soon to be released to the world) designer. Our new designer will have thousands of images, like the cartoon Bernie above, and more practical images like dogs, ribbons, balloons, rocket ships, mail, peanuts, apples, desks, gloves, faces… You get the point. You’ll have more control than ever before to create the wristband of your dreams. And not just more than you’ve ever had on our site – but more control and power than any custom wristband website, period.

This new designer is playing for keeps, folks. Do stay tuned for more updates.

PS: This wristband is by no means an endorsements of Bernie Sanders. We are staying on the sidelines when it comes to politics. This is more of a nod to the great Larry David. He has famously impersonated Sanders on SNL. Check out these two vids to find the inspiration for the Social Assassin Bernie Sanders wristband: