Introducing Morning Misconceptions Infographic 1: Espresso Vs Coffee

Morning Misconceptions Infographic difference in caffeine in various popular coffee drinks

We’re rolling out a new feature called Morning Misconceptions. I’ll be highlighting one common misconception and creating a simple infographic. It’ll be published on the blog as well as our social media channels regularly. If there is a positive response I may make it an every morning thing.

And I also hope you’ll pass it around for us. A little wisdom with your bagel never hurt!

Today’s misconception: Espresso has more caffeine than coffee. Count me as one of those people who can never hear this fact enough. I created this infographic and I guarantee you I go back to thinking espresso has more caffeine than a normal cup of joe. There’s something intimidating about those tiny cups. It tricks your brain into thinking you’re being handed rocket fuel.

Brain, repeat after me: Coffee has more caffeine than espresso.

There, I’ve got it. (For now).

PS: I just thought of my next Morning Misconception: I before E except after C. I just hit spell check on this blog and every single caffeine had been spelt incorrectly. Darn you, cute little sayings!