Never Trump Wristbands Are On Sale At Marco Rubio’s Store

Marco, we’re loving the swag!

Anytime a high-profile person supports the silicone wristband cause, we’re all for it. And it doesn’t get much higher profile than Florida Senator Marco Rubio. So tell me, dear readers, would you rock these Never Trump wristbands:

#nevertrump wristbands sold by marco rubio in red with white text

We’re loving them! Classic, bold text. A red as strong as the stripes on the flag. And look at this distressed texture (like the nation considering a Trump presidency, Mr. Rubio?):

never trump wristbands close up on the text

I can just see Donald Trump reacting as he reads this in his tub made of 24 carat gold:

Donald Trump doing his infamous scoff face

You can purchase the Never Trump wristband here.

PS: I see you there, Rubio:

marco ru (bae) o t-shirt in blue with black art