Sugar Doesn’t Make Anyone Hyperactive (Including Kids)

sugar does not make anyone hyperactive including kids

My mom still tells me sugar will make me hyperactive. For the record, I’m 31 years old. I’ve never really questioned the concept before. Until today, that is. I read an article produced by Yale that claims there is zero correlation between sugar intake and hyperactivity. But how can this be!?

Yale Scientific posits that this attribution of candy canes and other sugary treats as the kiddie form of speed is actually just the product of when we serve our children sugary food. If we’re talking a large amount of sugar, you’re likely at a party or special event. These parties or social events, with desserts like birthday cake, ice cream, or cookies, are also filled with one other noticeable thing: lots of other kids. It’s likely that the presence of other children leads to their increased activity, not their Sweet Tarts intake. But this closeness of sugary foods and wild kids has led to the incorrect presumption that the two are somehow linked.

Sugar Doesn’t Cause Hyperactivity In Wristband Form

sugar wristband with artwork describing that sugar does not equal hyperactivity

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