Fundraising With Silicone Wristbands: Why does it work?

fundraising silicone wristbands

At this point it’s firmly established: If you’d like to raise money or awareness for a cause, silicone wristbands are where you should start. There are plenty of reasons for this. But in the event you’re on the fence about whether silicone wristbands are right for you, I wanted to illuminate the key reasons they’re such a valuable fundraising tool.

The Value In Fundraising Wristbands

They’re priced incredibly low. This means more profit in your pocket. The price point of silicone wristbands is often valued in cents per unit, not dollars. This means you can purchase 500 for as low as $175. And then when you go to sell them to raise awareness and funds? Your customers will have no problem buying them at $5 a wristband. Quick math… Carry the 1, spin around twice and spit on my shoe. Rub it in with my hankie… Yup, looks like that equals $2500 in gross revenue. All on a $175 investment.

People already love to wear them. This is an important point. You don’t need to work against the tide. People are already used to purchasing and wearing silicone wristbands so there is no fashion resistance to speak of. Your supporters will see the wristband, want the wristband and wear the wristband. This makes them easy to sell and easy to proliferate quickly through a social group. Wristbands went viral before Youtube ever uploaded their first video:

You can pair them with more expensive items. Already selling shirts or jewelry to raise money for your cause? Why not contribute 35 cents of that profit to include a free wristband advertising your cause and directing potential new supporters to your website? Building a brand or awareness for a cause requires advertising and getting your name out there in the world. There are few ways to do it that are as inexpensive as silicone wristbands.

They last a long time. Our wristbands are debossed, embossed or debossed and ink filled only. Why? Because these print types last the full life of the wristband. And a longer lasting wristband means a longer shelf life for your awareness campaign. Other websites offer screen printing because they want your money and don’t care if they give you a poor product. But the fact of the matter is, screen printing rubs off rubber. The Wristband Bros wristband will last and last so you can show your support for as long as you want.

I hope you’re beginning to see the light on silicone wristbands. If you’re looking for a quick and easy start to your fundraising efforts, there really is no better choice!

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