Gareth Emery Charity Bracelet Goes On Sale Today

Wristband Bros proudly supports wristband and bracelet swag in all forms. And that goes double when the wristband raises money for a great cause. So when I saw this awesome bracelet being sold by Gareth Emery to support Electric For Life, I had to give it a shout out.

Gareth Emery pink and black bracelet to raise money for Electric For Live charity

To paraphrase

Electric For Life is the new radio show from Gareth Emery. Its mantra is, “A good melody can change the world.” Mr. Emery is taking that statement very seriously. Under his Electric For Life Foundation, 100% of the profits from Electric For Life merchandise will be donated to a range of incredible charities. These charities include emergency relief funds as well as a number of smaller charities that help disenfranchised youths through the power of music.

The wristband will be on sale at 10AM PST on April 30th. Otherwise known as today at 10AM Cali time… Go get it!