Nice try 2020!

Holy moly, we made it! Unless you’re off the grid (how would you be reading this?) you know how tough this year has been for people and businesses alike. Well, we’re proud to say that we’re still standing and we were able to do some good along the way.

Let’s look at some of the numbers shall we?


That’s the amount of miles our packages traveled this year. For those of you doing the math… Yes, that’s the equivalent of 97.1687 trips to the Moon.


Wristbands produced. With that many, we could give everyone in Los Angeles a wristband and have enough left over to do the same in Tulsa, Oklahoma!


Total pounds shipped!? Sorry wristbands, we’re not fat shaming you, but that’s a lot of weight to ship around the country.


We had over 28,000 orders placed! Despite the average order size being down year over year, it was very encouraging for us to see a record number of people choose us for their wristband needs.


Thanks to our suppliers, at the start of the pandemic we were able to source over 3,000 pieces of PPE to help our local hospitals and first responders when protective equipment was hard to come by.


Orders produced by hand in Rhode Island. That’s a record for us and we hope to continue to see that number grow in the coming years.


New faces on the Wristband Bros team. This year we welcomed Gabby, Eric and Connor to the crew! Too bad we haven’t been able to see each other as much as we’d like.


Employees let go or furloughed due to COVID. We’re proud of this one! Throughout the pandemic we’ve been able to weather the storm without having to impact our employee’s livelihoods. This might be the most important number of all.

We owe it all to you.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Without our customers, none of this would’ve been possible. Thank you for continuing to support us! We’re looking forward to another year of making wristband magic!

What’s that? You need more wristbands? Sure, we can help!

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