Check Out Our New JD Stickers

jd logo stickers from wristband bros

Wristband Bros long-time (since, like, 8 months ago) mascot JD is being brought even closer to life with our new stickers. Packed into every order, you too will soon be chillin’ like a villain with a JD sticker on your laptop or car bumper. All the cool kids are doing it. All the squares are doing it. Even the kids in between that hang with both crowds are doing it! JD stickers have reached full social immersion. They’re sort of like oxygen – Everyone’s on board and it feels oh, so natural!

And in case you didn’t know, JD is not some mythical beast. He’s a real-life pup. A mix between a Chihuahua, a handsome fox, a terrier and a lone gray wolf, JD is the very definition of cool:

picture of old man JD the chihuahua pooch

You go, Pooch!