There’s a designer in all of us!

With our online wristband designer, we make it easy for you to create the custom wristbands you want. The designer in all of us needs to be able to express themselves, right!? Here’s a quick overview of our design platform and how to use it. Choose a wristband and follow along!


It all begins…

… On the design page. Here you will choose your wristband style (if you haven’t already) and then select colors, enter you messaging, upload any artwork you may have and enter in design notes for us to be aware of.


Styles for Miles

You may have already selected your product style, but if you haven’t, we have a variety of wristband types to choose from. If you’re not sure what to go with, check out some of our favorite designs for inspiration!


Any Color You Like

(insert Pink Floyd music here)

Time to choose your silicone color. Pro tip: you can either pick from our color options or ask us to match any color you want. To make a custom selection, let us know the color you need in your design notes. Don’t forget to think outside the box!


Say What You Want to Say

Time to enter your message! Don’t feel restricted by “front” and “back” message. If you want to have full wrap-around text, just enter your message and tell us in the design notes. You can also choose from our library of fonts and select ink colors for your messaging. If we don’t have the font or color options you want, don’t worry! We’ll get to that in the next step…


Tell us to take notes!

After all the time I’ve spent mentioning notes, here is where you can make your unique requests. Think of the design notes section as your personal pipeline to Leonardo da Silicone. Want us to add in art? Have specific color requests or details that will help us make your wristband vision a reality? Please don’t be shy, let us know!

This is also the section where you will be able to upload the custom artwork you want on your wristband (for those who fancy themselves a Vincent van Got-My-Own-Art). Please refer to our artwork guide to ensure that your art will be wristband-friendly.


How many wrists do you want to grace?

After your design is squared away, you can now choose your quantities. Feel free to play with your quantities to see how the total price reacts! The difference in ordering 500 wristbands and 1,000 might surprise you (in a good way).

On the next screen you will be able to review your item, choose your shipping method, and start the ordering process. Ready to go? Let us walk you through the checkout process.