24 Hour Wristbands, 365 Days A Year. We Are Officially Obsessed.

Human wristband printed by Wristband Bros

Wristband Bros is the most trusted source in silicone swag in the United States. We didn’t earn this (arbitrary) illustrious title by resting on our laurels! We live, breath and dream custom wristbands.

No, literally. Last night I had a dream we missed a deadline for a customer and I woke up in a cold sweat. Wristband Bros are 24 Hour Wristbands, 365 days a year. That’s 87600 hours a decade. Some might say we’re obsessed. I prefer “interestingly enthusiastic.”

DLV chicken dance wristband printed by Wristband Bros
The David Challenge wristband printed by Wristband Bros

If you’d like to become an honarary member of the 24 Hour Wristband Patrol (also known as the ADIDAS* crew), my first suggestion is checking out our design gallery. And then perhaps writing a 24 hundred word essay on why you belong on the 24 Hour Wristband Patrol. You can mail those to: sean@blog2.wristbandbros.com.

What benefit do you get from joining our crew? Well, nothing tangible. But as far as intangibles go? You get a mountain of respect and a universe of goodwill from the Bros.

#(not)worthit. Let’s get it trending!

*All Day I Dream About Silicone