Have a complicated logo? Screen print it on your wristband.

screen printed logo wristband for 12th man club

Just because your logo is a little intricate doesn’t mean you should run to your room, lock the door behind you and cry on the floor of your closet. Maybe it did in the past with other wristband companies, so I certainly understand the instinct. But what if I told you your dreams of better logo screen printing were within your grasp? You’d probably install a strobe light in that closet and start a dance party, wouldn’t you?

Well, folks, let’s get this party started!

screen printed logo wristbands with union jack and ship

If you’ve got a logo or artwork that other companies couldn’t or wouldn’t screen print, send it our way. We love a challenge and aren’t afraid of a little work. That means we don’t run for the hills if your logo isn’t in the right format. Instead, we roll up our sleeves and start climbing that hill until we’ve got a wristband you can be proud of.

Have any questions about your logo or art? Contact us today!