Happy New Year From Wristband Bros!

happy new years 2017 written in lights

Welcome to 2017, fearless and faithful followers of our blog! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. And if you didn’t, look on the bright side: You’re not Mariah Carey.

I kid, Mariah. We all suffer setbacks every now and again. And if you truly are feeling down, just Google your celebrity net worth. Trust me, it’ll help:

mariah carey's net worth showing 520 million

Something tells me she’ll survive this one!

In all seriousness, We’re really excited about 2017. We’ve got a brand new website coming in the first quarter with a new, super-powerful designer. You’ll be able to do tons of cool things, like adding 3, 4, even 5 or more individual messages to your wristband. You’ll have access to a huge library of clip art featuring social media icons, ribbons, cats, dogs, kitchen sinks… (You get it. It’s got a lot of art!) And you’ll finally have your own accounts, with an ability to log in and re-order previous wristband designs. We’ll be rolling out these site improvements in the next few months.

It’s a lot to take in, I know! So I’ll leave you now with this calming gif: