Die Cut Wristbands Are The Hottest Thing On The Streets

die cut wristbands in white and black with logos

Our custom-shaped die cut wristbands are making some waves in the silicone community. The demand for these is so high right now, we’ve got people worrying about a silicone shortage. That’s driving the price of silicone up significantly. Silicone farms are churning around the clock to meet this new demand.

I suppose I should mention that only one part of the above is true. Silicone isn’t grown on farms and I don’t think we’ve got a shortage on our hands. But I can say our custom die cut wristbands are flying off the shelf. This is one of our hottest products as 2016 winds down.

The great thing about these is that every single one is unique. We mold the wristbands around your custom message, logo or artwork. So not only is the content of the band different from all other wristbands, but its shape is completely different, too. You have the power in your hands to create a wristband that has never existed in the history of Earth. How cool is that?

Start designing your die cut wristband today!