Promote Your Youtube Channel With Silicone Wristbands

youtube wristbands in purple

Little known story: My brother invented Youtube. It was in 2002. He described a website where you can upload your own videos and share them with anyone. He said they’d exist on a giant server and millions of people would use it.

Is my brother a billionaire? Unfortunately, no. He didn’t follow through on his plan. Now, there could be several different reasons for this. Perhaps he didn’t have even a sniff of the technical prowess to create the site. Maybe he forgot about it within minutes of the conversation in order to go back to playing video games. Whatever the reason, he just didn’t do it.

The moral of this story is simple: Don’t let that be you when it comes to custom silicone wristbands to promote your Youtube channel. They’re a great item to sell to your subscribers or even give away with each t-shirt or larger item you sell. These items are super cheap, people love wearing them and they’ll be a great promotional tool for your channel.

Start designing your promotional wristbands today!