Excited For Rio? Make Wristbands To Support Your Country

united states of steve wristband in red with white and blue text

Please note that we or our wristbands are not associated with Rio 2016 in any way. We’re just big fans of international competition and silicone wristbands!

What better way to support your home country this summer than with some custom wristband swag? Select your nation’s colors, pick an awesome font and then pick the perfect slogan to pump up your favorite athletes! Your group is bound to be the hippest at the bar or party you attend. And if you’re not, it’s most likely because you’ve run into another group of our customers who’ve (somehow) designed an even cooler wristband.

The wristband featured above was designed for an imaginary club full of exclusively Steve’s. The club has 47 members ranging in ages from 19 to 52. For some odd reason, nearly half of them have red hair and–to a man– they think Star Wars an artistic endeavor equal to or greater than anything hanging at The Louvre.

Don’t be outdone by The United States of Steve! Start designing your wristband right this second.