Make Custom Wristbands With A Cursive Font

Check out this awesome cursive wristband one of our recent customers ordered declaring, unequivocally, that hip hop isn’t dead:

hip hot is not dead wristband with red cursive text

The font is called Lobster. It’s a google font that you can find in our custom designer. You can also find it for free download on the Google Fonts page.

Wristbands with this style of font are becoming increasingly popular. Check out this other recent customer design featuring a tricked out script font:

relationships cursive wristband in black with mint green text

Cursive undoubtably adds a little flair, sophistication and class to your wristband. And thank the heaven’s that we’ve got computers to make this happen for you. Because I haven’t actually written that way (outside of my signature) in years…

Start designing your own unique wristband today!