JD’s Favorite Bands Vol. 1

Every now and again we want to highlight the impeccable design taste of our furry friend JD and his crew of intrepid heroes (also known as our customers!). Here are a few of his favorite recent projects and the causes or companies behind them.

We love the bold colors that Challenge Island chose and their gear logo is a great use of ink fill color and plain debossing. Challenge Island is an education enrichment program focused on STEM and arts studies.


The folks at 21st Century Health Care Consultants made excellent use of space on our Ultra Wide wristbands! At 1 inch wide, there’s a lot of silicone canvas to design on and they let nothing go to waste in spreading their motivational messaging.


The Many1 movement had a great idea for our die cut wristbands. Two hands, one black and one white, grasp each other tightly in a show of solidarity that crosses skin color barriers. The arms run around the back of the band, forming a circle. They are on a mission to unite the masses, and this wristband is a great symbol for that mission.


#KerriStrong is all about supporting those who are fighting cancer. The terrible disease has affected far too many. They got creative with this wristband, including a unique zebra pattern that we don’t see too often on a wristband. Hopefully these bands can go on to increase awareness and provide support to those who need it!

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