The Jewelbot Is A Friendship Bracelet That Helps Turn Girls Into Engineers

The Jewelbot bracelet and application

The future is computing. I think that much is safe to say. Doesn’t it seem vitally important that our children are learning to become technically savvy as early as possible? Of course it does!

Now the problem: Engineering can be daunting, disorienting, and–even to the most practiced soul–boring. Jewelbot aims to add flair to engineering in an effort to make it more appealing to young kids.

While such a thing is beneficial for both sexes (I smell a complimentary business opportunity), the Jewelbot is focused on converting young girls into young, passionate engineers.

Through the power of their app and Arduino IDE, girls can use the Jewelbot to vibrate or flash in specific patterns tied to programmable meanings. For instance, make two vibrations and a flash mean you’ve got a new Instagram message. The only limit to the Jewelbot’s functionality is the human imagination. And I’m pretty sure that has proven limitless, time and again.

The Jewelbot flashes and vibrates based on programmable codes

If the Jewelbot interests you, help get them Kickstarted (quite literally) today. Pledge page is found here.