I’m Out On Pillow Heartbeats – The Pillow Talk Wristband

long distance lovers use Pillow Talk wristband to listen to each others heart beats.

The Pillow Talk wristband is meant to let two long distance lovers sleep soundly whilst listening to their partner’s heartbeat. But what about when the heartbeat stops? Is the wristband dead or is your partner dead? If you ask me, this doesn’t allow a person to fall comfortably to sleep – On the contrary, it allows significant others to obsess over the sound of a heartbeat thousands of miles away.

That could just be my worry-filled brain talking. I do tend to fixate on little things like this and blow them up into larger problems. But I imagine I’m not alone in that trait. The Pillow Talk sounds, to me, like more trouble than it is worth.

I have never used this, so these critiques do come with a grain of salt. However, when I rest with my significant other I don’t really listen to her heartbeat. So I’m not sure how this truly simulates the partner experience. Maybe if it vibrated every time your partner moved? Or perhaps had a speaker that shared every audible snore? These things are less vital to the question of, “Is my partner alive?” and is also more centered on the noticeable aspects of sleeping with your partner.

If you think I’m a big dummy (I may be as they’ve raised 61k already), you can help get Pillow Talk Kickstarted here.