Pulse Play Wristbands Take Amateur Tennis To New Heights

The Pulse Play wristband

The Pulse Play wristband will turn your club league into a world class organization. Founded by professional tennis player Andy Ram, this wristband will keep time off the court. But on the court? That’s where the fun happens.

The Pulse Play has the following features to morph your tennis, ping-pong, badmitton or other racket sport hobby from an amatuer endeavor to amatuer-professional status:

  • It keeps score. With just a tap of a button, the Pulse Play wristband will keep score in the racket game of your choice. No more score disputes, no more lost friendships.
  • It will find you local competition. The wristband app will be able to locate new opponents based on your location and skill level. It’s like the Tinder of Badmitton!
  • It keeps your ranking. You’ll be able to see who the best in your group is, the best in your town… Even find out who the best amatuer in the world is!
  • It keeps detailed match histories. See your win-loss record against your best frienemy. Think your the best? The numbers better back you up.

The Pulse Play seems to have a lot of promise. It could make way for similar apps based around other competitive events. I could easily see this being applied to golf, pick up basketball and more.

If you’d like to learn more about this awesome wristband and donate to their Indigogo campaign at the same time, head here: Pulse Play.