Lebron James Does Something We Like (Shock Face)

Now we’re as big a Lebron James hater as there is. In our eyes he overembellishes fouls, he acts hurt when he isn’t and he’s exceedingly arrogant. Now despite the fact that all of those things are true beyond a reasonable doubt, we do have to take a moment and give the man credit today.

Why the sudden, begrudged flip-flop?

Lebron James wearing an I Promise wristband

The I Promise wristband he wears. Not only because it’s some slick, swaggy silicone arm candy. But because it supports a pretty awesome cause, too.

So what is the I Promise program, anyway?

200 at-risk Akron freshman students are enrolled every year. The academic mentoring program lasts throughout high school, so 800 students are enrolled at any given time. Once enrolled, the students participate in a two week skills training session, they take educational field trips and are even gifted a bike and helmet. King James himself visits during the gift portion of the program and keeps up with the students later on through personal letters, pre-recorded phone calls and other scheduled events.

Kids wearing an I Promise wristband

We tip our caps to you, Lebron James. Pretty cool!

Support the I Promise mentor program by purchasing a wristband here.