Custom Fold-Over Header Cards For Your Next Retail Wristband

My Chemical Romance wristband with header card for retail sale

If you’re ordering wristbands for a storefront you need to think about presentation. Sure, in some instances it’s fine to just throw the wristbands in a fishbowl and attach a sticky note saying $1 a piece. But if you want to command top dollar, you need to think about presentation. This is where the fold-over header card enters the equation.

Wristband Bros offers fold-over header cards like the My Chemical Romance wristband pictured above. They can be printed with whatever art you’d like and in full color. These header cards come pre-packaged so you don’t need to worry about doing any folding yourself. We can also attach any necessary scan stickers so you can take these right out of the box and hang them on your store shelves.

Because of costs associated with this and the labor required to do it, custom printed header cards require a minimum order of 1000 pieces. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in–if you want your product taken seriously in a store setting, it should be–contact a Wristband Bros representative today!