The Sertoma Centre Is Spreading Awareness Of Autism Every Day.

Wristband Bros recently had the pleasure of producing wristbands for the Sertoma Centre. The following guest post was written by Director of Day Programs Joan Snyder-Budz and Operations Supervisor Kim Garnica. The photos were provided by Ericka Glorious Moore, PR & Marketing Manager for the Sertoma Centre.

Sertoma Centre wristbands on several wristbands placed together

Sertoma Centre is excited about spreading autism awareness through events like the Autism Walk-a-Thon that was held on May 8, 2015. Consumers and community members that participated had the opportunity to meet individuals on the autism spectrum and learn more about the challenges that they face as well as the services they receive. Sertoma Centre has multiple day programs including sheltered workshops, day activity programs, specialized autism services, mental health services and more. Individuals with autism are included in all of our programming.

The autism specific program is focused on providing support in the areas of independent living skills, social skills, communication, and meeting sensory needs with a smaller staff to client ratio. We provide opportunities for community outings and encourage the community to embrace the value of individuals with disabilities.

Sertoma Centre members wearing their wristbands

Being a non-profit organization we depend on fundraising efforts to support our services. This year the wristbands sale was a huge success. We sold them internally and to the larger community. We hope that the sale of these wristbands will help to increase interest and understanding regarding individuals with autism.

Think this sounds like a great cause? Because we sure do. If you’d like to donate to the Sertoma Centre, you can do so here.