Royal Caribbean Replacing Easy-To-Lose Keycards With Wristbands

Growing up, my family was addicted to cruising. It probably wasn’t healthy. And not just because every cruise nowadays ends with a rampant plague overtaking the ship. My parents were like drug addicts chasing the next rush offered by Carnival, Norwegian or Royal Caribbean in the form of audience participation theater shows, overpriced Mai Tais and towel animals.

cruise ship towel elephant

One problem I distinctly remember revolved around the room key. I just couldn’t seem to hold onto it. And this went double when I was really young. In the days before I carried around a wallet, holding onto a cruise ship room key was darn near impossible.

You know what would have solved all my problems? Transferring the power of the room key from the traditional credit card style into a wristband.

royal caribbean wristband acting as a room key

Viola! No more leaving your room key at the bar. No more random charges ran up by the next cruiser who happened to sit on the deck chair you just left. The power to access your room, to make purchases and otherwise engage in activities is all kept safely and securely on your wrist.

Just another example of the power of wristbands!

To learn more about these Royal Caribbean wristbands, head here.