We’re The Wristband Company With That Cute Dog And We’re Proud Of It

JD the wristband dog logo with wristband on his head

Have you seen that cute little Fox Chihuahua promoting rubber wristbands all over the internet? Have you wanted to pat him on his cute little head? Or, at the very least, learn his name so you can carve a heart with his initials on the nearest available tree?

Well, you’re in luck. Because today, my friend of the internet, the mystery is revealed.

That cute little dog with the wristband on his head is none other than JD, the most handsome pup in the history of this spinning rock we call Earth.

JD the wristband dog logo is based on an even cuter (if you can believe it) real-life doggy named JD. Here he is striking the famous pose that launched a thousand ships and also inspired our new logo:

JD the real life wristband dog wearing a panic at the disco wristband on his head

So next time you’re looking for “that wristband dog company” you know where to go! Head to Wristband Bros and start designing!