Wristband Economics 101

Custom wristbands are a powerful tool.

Perhaps you want to spread awareness about a cause, raise money for charity, market your business or even make a few bucks for yourself.

Wristbands can help you accomplish these things with only a small financial investment. Allow us to dive into the economics of wristbands for each of these objectives.

First, for the purpose of this breakdown, we will base our calculations off of our best seller, the Classic ½ Inch Wristband debossed with two ink colors. This is the most common choice for our customers because it allows you to create a great looking design with emphasis on both your message and your logo/artwork.

As you’ll see in the sections below, economies of scale are a big factor in our pricing system. In this post, we’ve focused on five price tiers that can give you great value for your money. For full pricing details, click here.

Awareness Wristbands

Spreading awareness is one of the most common goals of our customers. There are a ton of ways to accomplish this, but when it comes to handing out swag, wristbands are among the most affordable and effective choices out there. A custom wristband is a conversation starter, and what better way is there to spread awareness than word of mouth?

In the pricing breakdown below, you’ll see that when ordering 100 or more wristbands, you can put a talking point on the wrist of your supporters for less than $1 per wristband.

QuantityCost Per WristbandTotal Cost

Charity Wristbands

Fundraising is another popular reason that people create wristbands. People love to support a good cause and wristbands can be offered in exchange for a minimal donation that won’t make people think twice about donating. We like to recommend a required donation of at least $3 – $5. This will easily cover your cost while still raising a considerable amount of money per wristband.

The cost analysis below shows an order of 100 wristbands can help raise hundreds of dollars, while an order of 1,000 could help bring in over $4,500!

QuantityCost Per BandTotal CostDonationFunds Raised
100$0.95$95$3 – $5
$205 – $405
200$0.73$146$3 – $5$454 – $854
300$0.61$183$3 – $5$717 – $1,317
500$0.50$250$3 – $5$1,250 – $2,250
1000$0.33$330$3 – $5$2,670 – $4,670

Marketing Your Business

There are thousands of ways to go about marketing your business. When it comes to handing out physical goods to your customers, wristbands are among the most affordable and effective products you can choose. Compelling wristbands do an excellent job at helping your core audience spread the word about your business for a minimal investment.

QuantityCost Per WristbandTotal Cost

Making Money

At the end of the day, some people just want to make money. Wristbands can be a successful product if designed well. The wristband needs to be appealing to your audience. If it is not tied to a brand that people are passionate about, if the messaging and design are lackluster or if they are not packaged attractively for retail, then it could be difficult to sell through your inventory. That being said, if you have a well-established brand or an incredible message, well-designed wristbands can be quite lucrative (as you can see below).

QuantityCost Per BandTotal CostSale PriceProfit
100$0.95$95$5 – $10
$405 – $905
200$0.73$146$5 – $10$844 – $1,844
300$0.61$183$5 – $10$1,317 – $2,817
500$0.50$250$5 – $10$2,250 – $4,750
1000$0.33$330$5 – $10$4,670 – $9,670

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