Bigfoot & UFO’s: A Study Of Real Life X-Files By State

Real Life X-Files broken into UFO and bigfoot sightings

A Study On Bigfoot And UFO Sightings In The United States

As one final blog celebration of the long-awaited return of The X-Files, I decided to dive into the real-life paranormal. Or at least the purported sightings of UFO’s & Bigfoot. I’m pretty sure those two mythological phenomenon are the most American of all paranormal activity and, as such, should provide a pretty good indicator as to where the truly weird resides.

What Is An X-Factor?

The X-Factor is, quite simply, the relative chance you have of making a sighting in a particular state when weighed against the national average. If a state has an X-Factor of 1, then it is right at the very middle of the paranormal. You’re not any more or less likely to see bigfoot or an Alien UFO. The greater the X-Factor, the more likely you are to have such an encounter.

For example:

North Dakota, with an Overall X-Factor of 9.85, gives you a 9.85x greater chance of seeing a UFO or Bigfoot than the national average. And Virginia, with its pitiful score of 0.10, gives you 1/10th of the paranormal chance you’d find on average elsewhere.

Interesting tidbits:

North Dakota is UFO crazy. Maybe it’s the clear skies? North Dakota reports UFO sightings nearly twice as often as any other state, per capita. They report 558 sightings per 100,000 people. Vermont is a distant second, reporting 289 sightings per 100k.

Bigfoot loves Washington State. Sightings are reported by nearly 9 people out of every 100,000. That might not seem like a lot, but hey, Bigfoot doesn’t shine brightly in the sky like those darn UFO’s. This fella is hard to find.

Bigfoot doesn’t vacation. The Hawaiian Islands are popular for the average American, but Bigfoot has sensitive skin. It’d be burnt to a crisp in Honolulu. As a result, Bigfoot has never been seen on the islands.

Virginia is the most normal place in America. Which is pretty ironic. The state had the most X-Files cases during the show’s original run. I guess life doesn’t always imitate art, after all.

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Sources: BFRO, NUFORC.