2019 by the Numbers

2019 is almost in the books, and what a year it has been! As many do, we use this time of year as a chance to reflect, see where we can improve, and celebrate a job well done (that’s the easy part!). It was a great year for us, so we figured we’d toot our own horn a bit and share some of our favorite Wristband Bros facts from 2019.

2019 marks our 7th year in business, and we did a lot…

  • Our team grew from 4 employees to 9.
  • We made custom wristbands for over 20,000 awesome customers!
  • Those customers ordered more than 4.3 MILLION wristbands, making our average order just over 200 wristbands.
  • The Classic wristband was our most popular style totaling an impressive 3.2 million wristbands.
  • Our shipments traveled 24 million miles within the United States.
  • We shipped to every state in the US.
  • Our wristbands flew as far as Egypt and the American Samoa islands.
  • A move across town tripled our office space to over 3,000 sq ft.
  • We supported 30 great causes through wristband donations.
  • 74 pizzas were ordered for Pizza Fridays.
  • We bought an office ping pong table, and played a bit too much…
The Wristband Bros team + extended family.

We must admit, we’re pretty proud of ourselves! We get a lot of enjoyment out of creating custom wristbands for our customers. The team is looking forward to keeping the good times rolling in 2020! Oh, and if you happen to need some wristbands, you know where to go!